BRAVE - Bradford Reducing Anger & Violent Emotions


Here is a selection of articles relating to the causes and management and treatment of anger and violent emotions.

All articles are in PDF format and can be downloaded or printed :-

A Strengths and Resilience Based Approach
"A ‘Strengths and Resilience’ based approach has a simple premise – identify what is going well, do more of it, and build on it...."

Masculinities and Violences: Interventions for Violence Prevention Programs
"In this article I plan to look at explanations of male violence in the hope of finding some ways of intervening in the lives of men who have committed acts of domestic violence, in order to help them change their abusive behaviour..."

Life After Personality Disorder - Karl Pittner
"When I was seven, I was making my way home from school, through a wooded area near my home. A huge guy with a knife stopped me and dragged me into some bushes and sexually abused me..."

Men and Their Violence: Terrifying Others and Afraid of Themselves
"My most significant professional experience of encountering oppressive masculinity close up was as a social worker in a prison setting..."

How did we get here?..and some myths about madness and badness along the way.
"How do we make sense of madness and badness? - Cultural and professional myths - Understanding personal distress, violence and aggression despite professional training..."

Violence Prevention Work with Boys and Young Men
Sue Dominey won a Winston Churchill Travelling Foundation Grant to research violence prevention work with boys and young men in Australia and New Zealand. Pete and Sue travelled there for 10 weeks in Autumn 2005; this is the report that Sue wrote for the foundation.

What choices do I exercise in my relationships and in my behaviour?


How do I wish to be experienced by others?


Am I truly present and engaged in this relationship or am I managing the relationship inauthentically to reduce my anxiety?


Do I care about what this person needs from me or am I motivated by my constricted self interest?


Irvin D Yalom/ Molyn Leazcz

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha "