The BRAVE Project - Training

“Building Safe Relationships / Protective Behaviours”

An exciting opportunity for quality training that can make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children & young people

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Protective Behaviours is based on two central themes:

“We all have the right to feel safe all the time”

“There is nothing so awful or so little that we can’t talk about it”

A series of 8 x 3 hour training events (one training session a week)
Tuesday 9:30am – 12.30pm starting late February / early March 2007)
at The Gateway Centre, Tong Street, Bradford BD4 9QY.

These ‘experiential’ training sessions will be facilitated by Sue Dominey and will take participants ‘step by step’ through the “Building Safe Relationships / Protective Behaviours” programme. When the training is completed successfully, participants should feel confident and competent to deliver the programme at two levels –

Primary Schools (aged 7-11 years) and Special Needs Learners

Secondary Schools and Young People in Youth and Community Settings (aged 11- 18 years)

Cost: £185 (for all 8 training sessions and including Resource Packs)

For more information or to register interest e-mail: or telephone 07906 203 062

To secure a place please send a deposit of £50, with your name, address and contact details. (cheques payable to The Brave Project) or you can request an invoice.

N.B. All participants will be asked to provide two references

More exciting news - Bradford Neighbourhood Renewal Fund have provided funding for the Brave Project to deliver the Protective Behaviour’s (PB’s) programme to 20 Primary Schools (Yr6) in South Bradford at the end of the summer term 2007. An ideal time to reach Yr 6 students before they go up to high schools. We will be looking to commission PB’s Training Facilitators to deliver this work, from successful participants who complete the training course.

“Building Safe Relationships: Protective Behaviours

Primary School – Year 6 - overview of programme


Protective Behaviours: A framework of safety principles underpinning the Building Safe Relationships Programme, was originally developed by Wolverhampton LEA Healthy Schools team, WDVF and Protective Behaviours UK. It has been running successfully for over seven years in Wolverhampton schools and youth groups.


“Protective behaviours is about asking not telling, and it’s about feeling safe ourselves, as well as helping children keep safe”

Peg Flandreau West – Founder, Protective Behaviours


The Aims / Objectives of the Building Safe Relationship Programme

 To enable children and young people to recognise safe and unsafe situations

 To explore the relationship between feelings, thoughts and behaviour

 To explore rights and responsibilities

 To provide an opportunity to promote self esteem

 To enable learners to explore interpersonal and conflict resolution skills

 To enable learners to explore and develop safety strategies and support networks that can help keep them safe.

The learning outcomes to this 6 session programme (detailed below) are directly related to the areas of knowledge, skills and understanding that are contained within the National Curriculum for Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship, Key stages 1 and 2


Session 1: Getting to know you – Feelings: Introductions, icebreaker, ground rules, aims of the programme, considering feelings – safe / unsafe.

Session 2: Feeling Safe – My Safe Place: Explore the meaning of Safe, identifying your Safe Place, recognising physical and emotional feelings.

Session 3: Early Warning Signs – Oh-Oh Feelings: Physical reactions can help judge feelings, recognising Early Warning Signs, potentially unsafe situations, feelings are individual, no right or wrong way to feel.

Session 4: Feeling Unsafe: Fun but scary, Safe / Unsafe situations, Choice – Control - Time limit, Safety Barometer, Risking on purpose, Personal Emergencies.

Session 5: Personal Networks: Identifying Personal networks, qualities and characteristics of who you can talk to, how to best use Personal Networks.


Session 6: Programme Review: Revisit outcomes of the whole programme, behaviour is a choice with an effect, ‘Even if’ scenarios, word search, moving up to High School – hopes & fears, certificates.

Building Safe Relationships / Protective Behaviours

 High School – Overview of Programme

Session 1

Introductions, Ground rules, Overview of programme, Unwritten gender rules, Feelings thoughts and behaviour, Labels and stereotypes

Session 2

Safe and Unsafe (exploring the meanings), Identify individuals safe Place / Comfort zone, safe and Unsafe feelings, Physical feelings, Early warning signs, Anger ladder, Emotional tank, Anger funnel, Overview of outcomes,

Session 3

Rights and Responsibilities, Exploring rights and corresponding responsibilities, Human rights, Recognising safe relationships are built on equality and respect, Abuse of Power and Control versus Equality, Power and Control Wheel, Understanding different types of abusive behaviour and the effects / consequences, Equality Wheel

Session 4

Domestic Abuse, Behaviour - choice – effect, an understanding of domestic abuse, Exploring myths, facts and stereotypes surrounding domestic abuse, Feelings Thoughts Behaviours and Consequences. Healthy respectful relationships

Session 5

Identifying Personal Networks, Exploring the value of talking to someone, Asking for help and support, Creating your own personal support network, Physical health and Emotional health

Session 6

Reflecting on the programme, recap, Feedback, Any questions, Where do we go from here? What next?

The Protective Behaviours Building Safe Relationships Programme is designed to be delivered in 6 sessions (we believe that weekly sessions of two hours gives the optimum opportunity for learners to benefit from the programme)


Resource Packs are available from Wolverhampton Domestic Violence Forum Tel. 01902 572345 
web site
www.wdvf.org.uk email

Building Safe Relationships Resource Pack –Primary/Special Needs:£30

Building Safe Relationships Resource Pack –Secondary/Youth Settings:£35

Protective Behaviour UK – www.protectivebehaviours.co.uk

N.B. Both Resource Packs will be included in the cost of the Brave Project Protective Behaviour’s Training - £185 for all 8 sessions

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