Elie Godsi Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist


Elie Godsi is a Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist, therapist and author. Over the course of his career he has worked in various mental health and forensic settings such as Rampton Hospital, with young offenders in residential units and many years in community based mental health and community forensic services. For several years he was the Head of Forensic Clinical Psychology in Nottingham Forensic Service where he still currently works part time.


He has extensive nation-wide experience in the assessment and therapeutic treatment of offenders and their victims. His work has focussed on the psychological and emotional harm to victims of violence, assessing and managing risk, the psychological and environmental factors in offending and the aetiology of violence and distress. He has over a decade of experience providing expert witness reports for the civil, criminal and family courts and also routinely carries out assessments for Social Services child protection proceedings.


He has been involved in setting up and then as a core member of the Nottinghamshire Multi-Agency Public Protection Panel working closely with the Police, Probation, Social Services and other agencies to manage the highest risk offenders living in the community.


He has presented numerous talks and workshops on the long-term effects of child abuse and other forms of violence and is the author of “Violence in Society – The Reality Behind Violent Crime” (Constable, 1999). This book explores the relationship between violence and personal distress and critically examines the way in which society tries to make sense of violent crime. An updated and amended version of this book will be available at the end of 2003 published by PCCS books (more details will be available on the day of the conference). In his writing and through various media appearances he has been critical of the way in which society makes sense of violence and distress and in particular the exaggerated claims of biological, genetic and individualistic explanations. His work constantly challenges us towards a more critical and compassionate view of violence and personal distress and one that places these experiences within a much wider global social, cultural and economic context.


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