The BRAVE Project -  Training:

“Working With Men”

Over four weekends (one weekend a month for four months, in the spring of 2007) a series of experiential, workshop based sessions around what is needed to work with men. Although the focus of the work will be working with men around anger and violence, there will be the opportunity to look at some of the common problems of working with men:

         -for men….have you looked deeply into yourself, to know yourself        before you try to help other men change. You are your source of knowledge about men.

         -for women….do you really know men, or are you mostly dealing with the defences and masks.


The training will be run in Guiseley, Leeds. Each weekend will have a theme. One day the training will be run by Sue and Pete Dominey of the BRAVE project and will consist of the sort of work that we ask the men of BRAVE to do. You will learn about the work, as well as learning about yourself. The second day of each weekend will have a visiting trainer who will expand on the theme of the weekend.


Weekend 1: “Damaged Boys and Struggling Brothers”

                     …looking at the wounds that men carry and the damage they can do to themselves and others in their bid to hide those wounds.

(visiting trainer: Geese Theatre)….February 24th/25th   (10am-5pm)


Weekend 2: “Men and Women”

                     ‘..do we love women, do we hate women, do we hate to love them, do we love to hate them?’  Un-picking our attitudes to women.

(visiting trainer: Dave Potts)….March 24th/25th   (10am-5pm)


Weekend 3: “Emotional Education: who needs it?”

                     …it is commonly thought that men don’t do emotions well; is it important, why is it important, how can we learn?

(visiting trainer: Tom McNally)….April 21st/22nd   (10am-5pm)


Weekend 4: “Men and Change”

                     …what do we want to hang on to, what do we want to change, and if men can change, how do we go about it?

(visiting trainer: Dave Morran)….May 12th/13th   (10am-5pm)


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