BRAVE - Bradford Reducing Anger & Violent Emotions


Brave is a not for profit organisation offering a confidential service comprising of group work, one to one counselling and telephone support.


Brave's work emphasises a strengths and resilience based approach which helps men who want to change.

What is a 'Strengths and Resilience' based approach?

Our clients are ordinary men who despite all the negativity (minimising, lying, manipulation) Can and Do Change.

What assists in facilitating change is that our men feel valued, respected, important, heard, understood and cared for.

I feel the Brave project would help me, how do I join?

We believe it is possible to offer men support through our project and hold them accountable/responsible for their behaviour.

In turn this can improve not only their own health, well-being and safety but also that of women, children and society in general.

Our mode of engagement is positive, warm, welcoming, compassionate, non-judgemental and respectful.

Male facilitators model different masculinities including emotional literacy and respectful relationships. The use of female facilitators also helps us model positive relationships.

"Violence is a Choice -
Intentional and Often Learned Behaviour"

Men who want to end violent and abusive behaviour...Ask yourself…

It takes strength and courage to ask for help…