Temple Runaway Games

Who We Are

Discover the magic and mystery of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations at Temple Runaway Games. A journey into the past promises to be not only exciting, but also educational, revealing to you the splendor of forgotten civilizations.

On our site Temple Runaway Games there are games in which every detail and storyline embodies the spirit and historical authenticity of ancient peoples. You'll be able to explore mysterious jungles, solve puzzles related to ancient rites, and participate in virtual digs.

As you complete your journey through Temple Runaway Games, you'll experience a unique blend of fun and learning. We invite you to join us in discovering and comprehending the rich heritage of the Aztecs and Mayans together.


An incredible journey into the world of our gaming platform awaits you, where the main thing is the pleasure of the process, not the victory. The probability of winning here is incomparable with real games. For adults 18+. Start games, relax and get the most out of it!